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The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) helps us to prepare our children for school, giving them the broad knowledge and skills required to provide the right foundations for progressing well through school and life in general.


Incorporating learning into every day play at The Laurels Nursery School 

Learning through play is an important part of the care and education provided by The Laurels Nursery School.  The EYFS provides us with a framework designed to help staff facilitate learning through play by planning an environment and activities that ensure a child's learning and development is as natural and as fun as possible.


We understand that it may sometimes seem like a child is 'just playing', in fact, every activity is an opportunity for children to learn valuable skills that will shape their growth and future development.  Our staff are trained to direct and extend play activities designed to help each child achieve their full potential.


We ensure that our babies, toddlers and pre-school children receive the right level of learning and stimulation for their development stage and we actively encourage positive interaction and learning through play, across all our age groups.


Learning Journey

In order to keep a record of your child’s time and progress at nursery we use an online learning journal called ‘Tapestry’. Using hand held tablets and devices we are able to instantly record and report on your child’s special moments and achievements and link them into your child’s personal profile.


You will be able to view the observations as a learning journey, flipping through the pages in time order, or filtering in flexible ways to access your favourite records. You can bookmark your favourite parts for quick access. Every time we make an entry into your child’s learning journal you will receive an email enabling you to access it immediately from your computer or phone.


You are always very welcome to discuss your child's learning journey with your child's key worker at any time. We hold formal parents’ evenings twice a year so that you have an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress and achievements in more detail.


We are also fully qualified to support children with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, so please feel free to talk to us about your child's needs.


Our aim is to help all the children in our care to approach a major change in their lives – 'starting school' – with the confidence, skills and enthusiasm for learning that will give them a valuable and enduring head start.

Both my children attended The Laurels Nursery School from 6 months to school age, 4 days a week. The Laurels Nursery School provides a nurturing and stimulating environment. It has given both of my girls a great start. They were both well equipped socially for the start of school, due to their purposeful interactions at nursery. The staff are always friendly and helpful.



Learning through play at The Laurels Nursery School

Learning through play at The Laurels Nursery School